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by Sonic Graffiti

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Sonic Graffiti is
Drew- Guitar, vox, and words
Dane- Bass and backing vocals
Trevor- Drums and backing vocals


released 01 June 2013
Recorded by Sonic Graffiti and Neil Parsons
All music and words by Sonic Graffiti
Art by Cameron Cottrill (
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we sonic vandals if you don't understand...we are not from your world



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Track Name: The Morning Electric
Woke up to the morning electric
Everything around me was hectic
I ain't got no shelter to go
There's Juliet but no Romeo

I'm part of planned obsolessence
Maybe cuz I never learned my lesions
Baby says she got the truth
listen honey, i'm gonna need some proof

The only time that I'm looking up
Is when I'm on my back
Sometimes I see chance light up
But it always fades to black
Track Name: Head in the Clouds
I go walking alone on the street
I get excited every time we meet
My mind is racing and I can't sleep for weeks
When she bite my tongue you know I just can't speak

Singing oh my girl and it ain't no fun
I throw my thoughts then ride up the sun
it's just my blues and I'm screaming out loud
I can still walk proud with my head in the clouds

When I fall down I think it's the drugs
then I get up and I feel a tug
I'm all black and blue and I don't know why
I'm so lonely I wouldn't mind to die

You say you love me, but that's a lie
I know you judge me, I can see in your eyes
but the dog days are over and you can't stop me
Gonna do what I want and set myself free
Track Name: Whiskey Punch No Love Sucka
I'm a mover and a shaker
A hopeless romantic and a real heart breaker
I'm a lover and a fighter, I'm good at being bad
I'm a crazy mother fucker but sometimes
I get whiskey punched no loved suckered

you throw away my affection
now what do you wanna do
I got a lil intuition
I'll tear you off like my heart tattoo

I appear like an apparition
then I'm gone in a flash
I don't need your permission
I'll make my own romance

I won't take no lying lovers
it's just another scrapped knee
I won't leave my feelings under cover
you won't get no apology
Track Name: Scribbles
snorting white lines and drinking hard liquor
I'm getting fucked up for my dinner
walk in mama say "you looking thinner"
I say mama "I feel like a winner"

things in my life that I dropped
too late now, I won't stop

Writing scribbles on the back of my hand
I don't give a damn if you don't uderstand
what I am is what I am
so roll the dice and fuck the plan

I'm a weirdo, I'm a creep
I'm my own leader and my own sheep
your two cents don't buy much, enough for me ain't ever enough
Track Name: Victoria
I'm down on myself all the time
but beleive me I feel fine
My enemies are my teachers
my addictions are my righteous preachers
I drink too much, my soul swirls
but I'll get on without my girl
My tears dry and so does my blood
and when it rains I make it flood

What kind of fuckery is this
I search my soul but look at all that I miss
and I'm in such and awful state
but now I feel great

She's in love with her ex man
She don't understand that I understand
She say's "I'm crazy" more than she "love's me"
But that's okay because she can never phase me
She don't know me and she never will
Victoria giving me all the chills
She's kind of selfish, kind of lame
Some how I love her all the same
That girl I met never made me feel full
I like to punish myself, punish my soul

What kind of fuckery is this
I try my best but look at all that I miss
And I'm in such an awful state
but now I feel great

She says I'm her favorite but it's all talk
Take me to bed then I go for a walk
She don't cherish all the little things I do
I feel so lonely making love to you
You take for granted all that I am
You telling people but we both know
I'm not your man
Track Name: At Voodoo City
The sun is shining from the big hot sky
I feel so low while I'm getting so high
A lotta things around here got me asking why
How I'm still here when I should have died
It's a miracle on my doorstep
A bottle of wine and a cigarette

Down down to the city I know
It's the same type of people and their same instructions
but it's just me and my self destruction

Got a lot of heartache and wild dreams
so I drifted on down to New Orleans
Saw a lotta thing I'd never think to see
but I got my crew all behind me
11th hour coming and it ain't no surprise
Can't see too good from my bloodshot eyes

Got a funny feeling sticking in my bones
Something telling me that I'm not alone
The people that I see just wanna fight fight fight
but I'm just rambling hoping for light